It is almost weird to find a real letter in the mailbox these days, I seriously think I get one, max two, letters a month (usually ads of some kind).
The wonders of the internet have really taken over – automatic banking, emails and Facebook etc, nobody really has a reason to send a postcard or a letter anymore.
But when it happens it is such a great feeling – It is as if the message becomes more important and intimate. Don’t you agree?

Give your friends and family that special feeling this fall and send them a super cool Polaroid Postcard from Photo JoJo.
Snip one of your regular photos to fit, slip it inside, seal it, write a message on the other side and drop your PolaPost in the mailbox.

(You hit a lot of birds with one stone: you will make someones day, show thoughtfulness, share one of your images and really up your hipster factor)

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