4748 reminders and counting

We have all heard about people that have taken self portraits every day for some time and then they put them together and make funny videos. But Jeff Harris is different from all of them and was way ahead his time. His project began 1999, long before the widespread popularity of blogging, Facebook and Flickr.
The original idea was to document his year up to the millenium but he didn’t stop there. He continued for 13 years and now he has 4748 images (and counting) of him self living life. He has documentation for how life can be good, how life can be tough and everything in between.
“I didn’t want 365 images of me sitting on the couch each day,” says Harris. “There could have been that tendency, especially during the cold dark winter months to stay inside all the time, but this project inspired me to get out there and seek out interesting things.”
Harris’ images range from completely solitary, auto-timed self-portraits to photographs inspired by a collaborative spirit with whomever Harris encounters on a given day.
“I see no reason to not make a self-portrait each day,” the photographer says. “I’m always around and always free. It’s kind of like going to the gym—it flexes your muscles and keeps you in shape.”

Visit Jeff Harris’ website to see the whole project

Source: Lightbox.time.com

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