Cake and Dessert Recipes

Here is my overwhelming list of Cake and Dessert Recipes. It includes everything from simple Chocolate Mousse to French Macarons and Alternative Cheesecakes.

I love coming up with dessert recipes, it is challenging to find the perfect balance – not to sweet and not to sour, finding the thin line between sweet and too sweet. It is a game full of testing, trying and experimenting, and luckily I am getting pretty good at it.
Throughout the years I have moved away from the overly sweet and learned to appreciate bitterness of super dark chocolate and accepted that even though a dessert is sour or even raw it can be delicious and full of surprises.

I hope you find something to your liking and that your tastebuds high five you with the dessert you serve. If you have any wishes or need any advice, drop me an email or leave me a comment, I am always up for a new challenge.

Some of my favorite recipes