Dinner recipes

Here is my list of Dinner Recipes.
I serve everything from Vegetarian Burgers and Cauliflower Couscous to Garlic Pasta and Pumpkin Soup. I am a serious meat lover but I do love my veggies as well and I try to balance all my meals, and quality over quantity is my motto (and that goes for almost everything in life – not just my dinner.) I try to eat as much organic and local produce as possible and as I can afford. I recommend you do the same. We only have one body and it is important to take care of it to stay in good health.

Family Style Dinner is a series I have started here on the blog. It is simple food that the Family can enjoy making and eating together. I am a big fan of long lasting meals and dinner time is great to catch up on everyones day.
I am also a firm believer that kids should participate in the kitchen, not only to teach them how to cook and do the dishes, but to teach them about nutrition and the importance of eating healthy.

My dinner recipes are from all over the world and I do not stick to one cuisine or style. I love all food and I will continue to work on more recipes and update this list.
I truly hope you find a recipe or two to you liking, and please stay in touch if there are any Dinner Recipes you would like my to try or develop.

Bon Appetit! 

Apple Chutney

Beet Soup – Thai Flavors

Cauliflower Couscous

Celeriac Burgers

Deviled Eggs

Fennel Pesto

Fish with Nectarines

Garlic Pasta

Green Salad with Grilled Fennel

Herb Cream Cheese


Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Meatballs – Italian

Meatballs – Ramsons

Some of my favorite recipes