Juice Cleanse

I have been working a lot lately and feeling stressed and I have also been hitting the gym quite hard so my muscles have been tired and sore, so every morning for the past month I have been waking up feeling both tired and worn out. So this weekend I did a 3 day juice cleanse, to see if I could become fresher, restore my muscles and build up more and better energy. And it worked!
I made 5 different juices, carrot/ginger, orange/clementine, pineapple/mint, apple/lime and cucumber. So for three days I only drank these juices (mixed together in various ways), water (with or without mint, lemon or cyan pepper), and I also made smoothies of kiwis, pears, spinach, rasberries and a mix of my fresh juices.
I took me 24 hours to get used to feeling empty inside, I wasn’t hungry but the stomach feels empty when you only ingest fluids. But on day 2 and 3 I felt super energized and my head felt clearer. When I went for a run on day three I ran faster and further than ever before. It was an amazing feeling to be so light, fast and fresh.
I highly recommend a cleanse for brain and body, but I have to admit that I missed food a little bit, both making it and eating it, so I think I will make this a biannual cleanse, maybe every spring and fall.

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