Modern Wifestyle MakeoverI am so fortunate to be married to a web-developer and that truly makes my life as a blogger easy. What a treat to be able to come home one night and say”I think my blog needs a makeover” and then whoopsie, 3 days later my little blog looks brand new and pretty, and it only costed me a single kiss.

We brainstormed and came up with the new design together – I wanted the blog girlie and cute, he wanted it professional and effective. I came up with the color combo and he used his expertise to convince me to go more powerful and use more contrast. I am super satisfied with the result, a perfect balance of housewife, design and  minimalism. I really hope you guys like it as well and that it makes your visits more fun and easy. Now you can search for things in the search engine or you can choose to read only certain categories. And if you haven’t already you can now easily find me on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

Ps: The Fruit Tart Recipe is up tomorrow.

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