My Favorite Cooking Shows

Recently a friend of mine asked me how on earth I had the time to cook all this food and bake all these cakes – and then he answered his own question with: “You probably never watch tv!” Well, he could not be more wrong – I watch a lot of tv, but I do admit that the most popular shows at the moment are cooking shows and  they are really inspiring to an amateur chef like my self. (While some women knit while watching the box, I separate eggs and whisk away) Answering his question about my time is simple: I do not have children (yet!!) and I work as a freelance photographer and cooking is my number one hobby. So when you are playing or doing homework with your kids, out running, watching your favorite show, on a date, working long hours, or climbing a mountain – I am in the kitchen!
Here are some of my favorite cooking shows:

The Little Paris Kitchen – A BBC Food series of 6 episodes with English Rachel Khoo and her tiny restaurant in Paris. Rachel’s voice is a little bit irritating but dont let that stop you because her food looks delicious, and she is kind of charming in her own way.

Julia Child – I adore all of her shows, but the French Chef is a classic and an absolute favorite. She is the mother of the cooking show, and has taught me so many things (like how to make a perfect sponge)

Nigella Lawson
– There is something about her that goes on my nerves, and I think it is because I question her credibility somehow. But apart from that her food is simple and I have tried tons of her recipes and they are all delicious. Her Christmas Kitchen series is my favorite, obviously because Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and also because her dishes in that series truly look good.

Nigel Slater A down to earth Home Cook with fabulous taste and delicious food. I have watched his show Simple Cooking and I am very excited about his most recent series, Dish of the Day.

Masterchef, Us  – I just love the idea of Home-cooks (like myself) making food like professionals, and they are very inspiring indeed. Seriously last time a blind girl (Christine Ha) won the competition!

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