My Favorite Moments

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I am pretty sure we all have moments where we feel completely calm, relaxed and filled with happiness. You know, the moments where nothing can disturb you and no stress can get to you. Often these moments are just under a second sometimes they last for few minutes.
I made a list, care to share yours?

1. First smell of summer
2. The soft light in my bedroom when I open my eyes in the morning
3. The joy of taking a perfect cake out of the oven
4. The first sip of my favorite champagne
5. Feeling my eyelids getting heavy and falling asleep when someone is talking
6. When someone touches my hair very lightly
7. The 2 minute walk from the gym to my house
8. When someone surprises me with a gift
9. Dipping my fingers in warm candle wax
10. When my tummy muscles hurt from a laugh attack

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