My Favorite weather

It is my impression that everybody hates the rain, especially that cold fall rain that often comes with wind. Every year in October people start to frown and groan and depressing Facebook status-updates start tumbling in: “shitty weather” or “will it ever stop” or “Fucking rain all the time”
The weather is something you can not control, and if you find the harsh weather that hard to accept you should consider moving to Mexico or Hawai. (Or buy better and warmer clothes.)
I on the other hand love the rain, I find it incredibly romantic and cozy. I know nothing better than go for a long walk in the park in pouring rain or to sit on my windowsill with the worlds largest cup of tea and watch people run around on the street below me. Nothing is more homey than to light a few candles on a rainy afternoon and bake a cake with Frank Sinatra on the record player.
Rain is also the only weather where you can stand a little to close to someone you have a crush on under a tiny umbrella.


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