Oh what a happy sunday I had!
Woke up with the sun tickling my nose (no alarm set in my house on sundays) and felt well rested and fresh, even though I felt a little sore in my muscles from saturday’s double workout. To wake up those sore muscles we made a delicious, healthy and revitalizing breakfast and instead of eating it in the kitchen like we usually do we decided to jump back in our sunny bed and enjoy it there. We are not big ‘breakfast in bed’ people, so this felt special and very romantic. Even though our menu wasn’t particularly bed friendly and I actually found it super weird to have fish in bed, I enjoyed it very much and decided I would just change the sheets afterwards.
We had freshly brewed coffe and ice-cold refreshing smoothie (kiwi, pear, apple, pineapple, celery, ginger, grapes, frozen raspberries, cold water) , a smiling egg (somewhere in between soft and hard boiled) and some dark rye bread with little low fat cream cheese, dijon mustard, smoked salmon, avocado and little pesto on top.
This meal filled us up super fast and gave us power for hours. Is there anything better than a productive and fun sunday?

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