You know how all suitcases look a like and when they come on the conveyor belt at the airport and you check at least 5 different bags before you find yours? Well I experience the same thing with outdoor gear (not that I am outdoorsy – I just feel like it all looks the same) and especially tents. So my little designer heart jumped with joy when I discovered the colorful Field Candy tents.
Not only are they fun to look at but also significantly larger than most two person tents, resulting in more comfortable and spacious sleeping area. Plus a separate lobby/porch area for storage or wet items. When you order your FieldCandy tent you will receive a smart box full of goodies, including everything you need to set up the tent, it even comes with a waterproof manual and a carry bag. And as a special bonus for the consumer the FieldCandy tents are made to be remarkably easy to put up, and with very little practice it should take less than five minutes.

If I was even only considering going camping I would invest in one of these and have a pimped up Family Vacation!

PS: This is not a sponsored post

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