Friday Night - Cocktail Night

Blackberry Gin and Tonic

Blackberry Gin & Tonic

I love Gin and Tonic, so tasty in all it’s simplicity and the perfect aperitif. But since it is not only Friday Night but a warm summer night, I decided to add a little summer and sweetness to the drink. And believe me, it was a great idea! Happy Weekend Ya’ll

Blackberry Gin & Tonic

Blackberry G&T

4 blackberries
5 mint leaves
1 tbsp simple syrup*
ice cubes
4 cl (1.5 ounce) Good Gin (I prefer Hendriks)
Tonic Water

1. In a highball glass, muddle the blackberries, mint and simple syrup
2. Fill the glass with ice
3. Pour the gin over
4. Fill up the glass with tonic water
5. Garnish with lemon

Simple Syrup
Come equal amont of sugar and water in a saucepan and over medium heat melt the sugar, then pour into a bottle and cool before using.

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