I am and have always been a huge fan of grilled cheese and have been experimenting since childhood, trying to top myself by making a better sandwich than I made last time. There are million different ways to make a good grilled cheese – you can add all kinds of extra toppings, use different types of cheese and mix up the grilling methods by using a traditional 80′ one minute grill, a sandwich grill, a frying pan, a grill pan… you name it, I have done it!
The other day, on an almost hot summer night (the scandinavian summer hasn’t shown yet) I made a simple yet delicious version on a regular frying pan, using french country bread, butter, mustard, cheddar, italian ham and fresh basil, and served it with a simple arugula/tomato salad with balsamico dressing. Bon Appetit!

Grilled Cheese

How to:
– Melt a little butter and brush it on both sides of each slice of bread
– Fry/grill the slices over medium heat until the start to brown a little
– put mustard on the inner side of one slice
– Then add the cheese, ham and basil
– Take another butter grilled slice of bread and place on top
– You could cover the pan, but I prefer a crunchy sandwich so I wait patiently for the cheese to melt on an open pan
– Flip the sandwich over after 2 minutes
– As soon as the cheese is melted serve and enjoy

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