I have seen a lot of good movies recently, some old and some new. So if you find your self bored on a rainy night here is a little inspiration on what to watch. All my suggestions go perfectly with a chunk of dark chocolate and a nice glass of wine or delicious cup of tea.

Jesus Henry Christ – A weird and funny feel-good movie about family and life’s values. A beautifully photographed film – no let me rephrase that: Stunningly Photographed! right up my alley with strange long still frames filled with complimentary colors and patterns.

The Hunter – A quiet movie with more landscape shots than words. Beautiful and slow story about man and mother nature. (The trailer comes off as a thriller but it is not)

Carnage – A Polanski classic with nothing but words in one location. Funny, witty and so true. Great actors and perfect harmony of dialog and monolog.

The Intouchables – A wonderful, funny and different movie about beautiful friendship between two men. A movie that touches race, class, color, status, money and everything in-between in a non-cliché way. A must see!

Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen goes adventurous and makes a time travelling movie. Maybe I only liked it because I am a Woody fan or maybe I just liked it because I am a hard core francophile and in love with the beautiful city of Paris.

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