This weekend I am moving offices. The new space is also a shared office but is much brighter, larger and spacier than the other place. This new office of mine is in an old but tiny machine factory, so everything is pretty rustic and raw. I almost love the entrance the most because it seriously looks like an entry to a private detective office, it is on the second floor of a very dark and mysterious stairway and the teak door with glass window is probably from the 50′.
I had few spots to choose from and ended up choosing a corner desk that is facing another table, so 1m (3 feet) behind me I have a wall and I also have space on each side of my table, so there is plenty of room for books, paper, my huge epson printer, lovely inspirational decoration and plants.
The last couple of days I have been spending enormous time on Pinterest looking for inspiration on how to decorate my 10 m2 (107 square feet). Here are a few images from my inspiration board.

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