I have been thinking about getting new glasses for the longest time, but that isn’t an easy task – especially when you wear glasses every day like I do. Since frames and prescription lenses are super expensive you have to pick the perfect pair, because there will be a long time before you can afford new ones.

Then I discovered Warby Parker, and it sounded to good to be true. Frames and prescription lenses for only $95. I made an appointment at their showroom on Lafayette in New York to check it out. Their website was right, they do have a fixed price of $95 and even though I have stigmatism and all kinds of special needs, the price was the same. In a bliss I decided to get two pairs and ended up with getting the same frame in two different colors, midnight blue and cedar tortoise.

The Warby Parker show room and offices is a beautiful open space with lots of light and the service is very professional, with friendly and helpful staff and super fast shipping.(My appointment was on a saturday and following friday I had my brand new glasses)

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