Raspberry-Ginger Limeade Recipe

Raspberry Ginger Limeade

The heat is on and nothing is more refreshing than a glass if ice-cold Lemonade in the sun. I like my limeade strong, but feel free to add more water to soften the taste a little, or use lemons instead of limes.
This limeade also makes a perfect mixer for summer cocktails and mimosas!

Happy Summer Ya’ll

Raspberry Ginger Limeade

Ginger & Raspberry Limeade
1 dl (0.4 cup) Ginger-syrup*
1 dl (0.4 cup) Raspberry sauce*
3 dl (1.2 cup) Fresh lime juice
4 dl(1.7 cup)  Ice-cold water or seltzer
Few leaves of mint if you like

1. Mix in a bottle or a pitcher
3. Throw in few mint leaves (only if you feel like it)
2. Serve ice-cold!

2.5 dl (1 cup) water
2 dl (3/4 cup) sugar
100 g (3.5 ounces) Ginger

1. Peel the ginger and cut it into small pieces
2. Combine water and sugar in a medium size sauce pan and over low heat dissolve the sugar
3. Add the ginger
4. Let it simmer for 5 min then turn the heat off
5. Let the syrup rest and cool for at least one hour
6. Strain the syrup and toss the ginger
7. Pour into a bottle and refrigerate

*Raspberry Sauce (makes 1 dl (0.4 cups))
150 g fresh (or frozen) raspberries

1. Thaw the berries if using frozen
2. Mash the berries through a fine strainer. This takes time so be patient
3. Toss the seeds and what else is left in the strainer
4. Pour the raspberry sauce into a jar and refrigerate

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