Summer Dessert Rhubarb Trifle Recipe There are a lot of unwritten rules about serving desserts during the hot summer months – people do expect something fresh but sweet, fruity and light and of course serving something cold is always a plus (both as cooling aid for the melting guests and for you because you can make it in advance) An easy and delicious solution is making rhubarb trifle, sweet and sour, fresh and flavorful and it is served ice cold! Rhubarb Trifle recipe Recipe 400 g rhubarb 80 g sugar 1 tbs of cranberry juice or concentrate (optional) 250 g mascarpone 1 dl heavy cream 1 vanilla bean 1 tbs powdered sugar a handfull or two of Cantucci 1. Clean and cut the rhubarb into pieces and put them in a saucepan together with the sugar and cranberry juice. 2. Cook until it has thickened and looks a little like jam – takes around 7-10 min 3. Cool the rhubarb mixture in the fridge 4. Whip the heavy cream 5. Whip the mascarpone cheese, vanilla bean and powdered sugar 6. Fold the whipped cream in the mascarpone mix and place in the fridge 7. When the rhubarb is cold crunch the cantucci 8. In 4 small glasses or bowls layer crunched cantucci-rhubarb-mascarpone cream mix -cantucci-rhubarb-mascarpone… 9. Serve chilled

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