Superfood Smoothie

Health and fitness gurus around the web are all talking about how we can look better in our bathing suits this summer and the fastest way to receive that goal. Things haven’t changed a lot over the years – work out more, eat healthier and eat of a smaller plate to minimize your servings are still the golden rules. But what we should be eating is an interesting topic, what is healthy and what food makes us loose weight. We are being introduced to new things all the time, and as soon as something new pops up it always seems like the things we were eating last year are not that healthy anymore.
I have read several articles on ‘superfoods’ and the fashion foods of 2012 that supposedly will help us toss those extra ponds are:

Apples – ‘Ideal low calorie snack’
Blueberries – ‘Super high antioxidant level’
Papaya – ‘Low calorie snack, contains fiber and vitamin A and C’
Kiwi – ‘Low in fat, carbs and colories, packed with vitamins’
Avocado – ‘The heart-healthy monounsaturated fat it contains increases satiety’
Chili – ‘Cranks up your metabolism’
Kale – ‘Low in calories full of fiber’
Chia seeds – ‘Omega-3, calcium, protein and fiber, keeps you full longer’
Oats – ‘Full of fiber and very filling’
Lentils – ‘ Prevent your insulin from spiking which can make your body create excess fat’
Quinoa – ‘Packs both fiber and protein, a combo that can keep you full for hours’
Buckwheat Pasta – ‘Buckwheat is high in fiber and, unlike most carbs, contains protein”
Eggs – ‘Yolks and all for breakfast keeps you full until lunch’
Salmon – ‘Omega-3 fatty acids improve insulin sensitivity, which helps build muscle and decrease fat’

So with that list as my inspiration I made a superfood smoothie. I used papaya, kiwi, apples, chili and chia seeds (I soaked them in water for 3 hours before using them) and then I added some frozen raspberries and ice-cold water. The smoothie was delicious, but if it made me super or did anything extra for me or my weight-loss I do not know. But it can’t hurt to try right?

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