The Perfect Cup of Tea

I am one of those lucky women who are married to a guy who has opinions about the household and it’s interior design. It truly is wonderful not being alone with the decision making in the household, but being two people with equally strong opinions and very different styles, means that it can take a while before we agree on what to buy.
Last big discusion we had was about what teapot to get. I wanted something romantic and old and the hubby wanted something modern and minimalistic.  After months of pointing out different things and disagreeing every single time we finally found the perfect one!
Celinda Versluis is a Dutch graphic designer who paints women silhouettes and graphic patterns on vintage teapots. She calls the series ‘Les Belles Dames’ and the idea is based on motives from old French postcards.  Each teapot has his own shape and style, so they are all different from one another.
The images below are of our teapot and it couldn’t be more perfect for us, it is old and romantic, minimalistic and modern, all in one! Check out Celinda’s collection here

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